Fuse board replacement


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Consumer units repaired and replaced

EPI Electrical Ltd can install, repair and assess fuse boards for properties in London and the surrounding areas. A fuse board is an integral part of any electric installation in a property, whether domestic or commercial. We test fuse boxes in accordance to the 18th edition IEE regulations.
Our qualified professionals have longstanding experience in fuse board installations and repairs.

Why replace a fuse box?

  • Old rewireable fuse boxes only provide limited protection; short circuit and overload protection.
  • Fuse boxes may take longer to cut out a circuit in faulty conditions, which could prove hazardous.
  • New consumer units are fire-rated to contain potential electrical fires for much longer.
  • New consumer units provide RCD earth fault leakage protection. This will cut out circuits within two hundred milliseconds under faulty conditions, to protect the homeowner/tenant.
  • Electrical installation and maintenance

    When installing a consumer unit, a main protective earth cable calculated to your installations size is required along with main supplementary earth bonding cables to the incoming gas and water mains pipework to form an automatic disconnection system (ADS) to current 18th edition regulations. Our electricians will be happy to install it for you at an additional fee or part of a complete quote if required. We will check this for you as part of our service. On completion, an appropriate electrical installation certificate and building control sign off notification through NICEIC will be provided for any new installations.

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