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Extra socket outlets

EPI Electrical Ltd can install additional sockets in any property. Our electricians work with the utmost care to ensure that no major damage is done to your walls, decor or carpets while installing sockets. We install cables either chased into walls so that they are hidden but within safe electric zones or on surface of walls within mini trunking. On completion, an appropriate electrical installation certificate and building control sign off notification through NICEIC will be provided for new circuits or as an addition to existing circuits. Speak with our friendly team today.

Wide range of sockets

  • Single socket outlets
  • Double socket outlets
  • Triple socket outlets
  • USB socket outlets
  • Plastic sockets
  • Metal sockets
  • Expert advice

    If you need extra electrical socket outlets installed, our experts at EPI Electrical Ltd are available 24 hours to assist you. You can expect a same-day quote and possible installation of any number of extra sockets within the boundaries of current regulations.

    We will never advise rewiring unless it is absolutely necessary. EPI Electrical Ltd installs a wide range of sockets to suit all of your needs, from single to triple 13amp socket outlets to 3-5amp three pin lighting socket outlets.

    We comply to IEE regulations to offer a trusted and highly recommended service.

    Garden sockets

    When you need to take power supply outdoors, EPI Electrical Ltd are the ones to call. When fitting garden sockets we offer three wiring options:

    • External wall socket outlets
    • Overhead cables
    • Underground cables

      External Socket outlets can be installed to the rear or side walls of the property by extending existing internal circuits to include your new external socket outlet.

      Overhead cable running: This is where we use externally protected armoured cables supported at either end between buildings and multi-story houses at high level to avoid damage and underground digging costs.

      Underground cable running: We use externally protected armoured cables in twin walled pipes, which are buried underground at various depths according to areas and safety requirements.

      Garden sockets are ideal for managing garden equipment as well as other outdoor appliances. EPI Electrical Ltd installs completely waterproof socket outlets to British Standards.